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Kotoba Jewellery

言葉   ( ことば )   Kotoba

A Japanese word for language and words.


Like words of a written language, my jewellery is my language;

it is like the words of stories I want to share.


Like a book, each piece of jewellery is a page or a chapter;

Kotoba Jewellery is like a book that I share to resonate with others in different ways.

My Jewellery is Nothing without

You, the wearer.

Just as a book is nothing without its reader.


I think of jewellery as a piece of art that you put onto your body to express yourself.

It is a form of language to express thoughts and emotions; not to hide it

but wear it out on the street and share with the world. 


It is my passion to translate abstract words and ideas into physical pieces of jewellery. Ultimately aiming to connect with others and empower one another.


Jewellery that tells your personal story,

to remember,

to cherish,

to comfort,

to celebrate,

to empower,

every little but precious moments of your journey.


the Maker

 Hoi Yi Lai



Hoi Yi Lai is an emerging Toronto-based Jeweller who is originally from Hong Kong.

She graduated from the Material Art and Design Bachelor of Design at Ontario College of Art and Design University in 2018. From sketching to the making, each piece is handmade by Hoi Yi Lai.

It is her inspiration to make jewellery into pieces of wearable art that can be worn daily and to make jewellery as an everyday vehicle for self-expression. Each collection of Kotoba Jewellery has a story behind to be told, a story to be shared and expressed with the wearer. It is Hoi Yi Lai's passion to connect with the wearer in the hopes of empowering and enhancing the beauty and value that exists within everyone.  

She was also the first place winner of the 2018 Saul Bell Emerging Artist Award

and finished her Artist-in Residence(Metal) at the Harbourfront Centre in 2021.

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