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Step 1


In this first step, we begin the custom process

by figuring out what you are looking for.

Before I begin any custom projects, there are some general questions I need to ask you. It might seem overwhelming with all the details, but this is to ensure that I am able to create exactly what you are looking for and to ensure that everything is clear
for both of us before we begin because I value you just as I value your time!

EOSR8183 copy.jpg

Here are the questions I will be asking:

1.Type of Jewellery

- What kind of Jewellery are you looking for? -

Are you looking to create a custom

Ring / Necklace / Earrings / Bracelet / Brooch /Other?


2. Material Preference

- What type of metal are you looking for? -
List of metal options I work with:

Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver with Gold-plating
10K / 14K /18K Solid Yellow Gold
14K /18K Solid Rose Gold
14K / 18K Solid White Gold

- Are you looking to incorporate gemstones in the piece? -

If so, what gemstones are you looking for?

If you are unsure of what kind of gemstones there are, you can always let me know the colour you are looking for and I can assist in finding the perfect gem for you!

(For Custom Engagement Rings)
Do you have a specific Center Gemstone + Carat size you are looking for?

Diamonds: (Certified(GIA/IGI) /non certified Natural Diamonds, Lab Grown Diamonds, Other diamonds (Salt and Pepper, Fancy Colour Diamonds, etc) 
Other gemstones:(Sapphires, other coloured gemstones)


3. Timeline / Location

- What does your timeline look like? -

Do you have a specific deadline/date you need the piece by?

- Where are you located? -

Are you located within Canada or US or Overseas?

*Please note that everything is handmade and personalized throughout both the design process and making process - meaning it will require time for these processes. It is also important to let me know where you are located to ensure that we have reserved enough time for shipping if required! If the timeline is rushed, there will be rush fees,
however I will for sure clarify the details on the quote.*

4. Budget

- Do you have a budget in mind? -

It can be a budget range of what you are comfortable with for this project! 

It is very important for me to know what your budget is so I can let you know what is doable and can make suggestions in material choice. This will also help me in the quoting process to make sure everything I design is within the budget.

If you have no idea yet, no worries!
Let me know and I will give you a general quote from your answers to the questions above! 


Step 2

Your Story

Your Story Matters to me.

Incorporating story + meaning

behind jewellery is my passion + mission.

5. Story / Idea

- What is your story? -

I always want to incorporate stories and meaning behind each piece andI hope to make the piece extra personal for you or your loved one or whoever this piece might be meant for.

If you have no idea what story or meaning yet, you can always start with thinking about yourself or the person you are looking to give to. 

Do you have any little significant stories/moments/words/symbols
or anything that is meaningful that you are open to share with me? 

This can always be an inspiration to me when creating a custom piece that is embedded with meanings that belong to you. Of course, sometimes it might not be possible to completely incorporate it in the design but I strongly believe just having it in my brain definitely affects the way I design also! If you do not have anything you want to share with me, that is completely fine as well, please do not feel pressured to come up with something!

6. Style / Inspiration

- Do you have any specific piece or style you like from my previous works? -

It can be anything you saw from my website, my instagram or on the internet(optional)? 
If you do, it will help me figure out the style of work you are looking for,  and allow me to design something that fits your preferences, as well this will allow me to provide a more accurate quote for you.
*Important note: I do not remake(copy) any specific design off the internet or any creators unless it is a universal simple design (like a simple plain band, etc), if you are looking for a replica of someone else's work, I am very sorry but I will not do it!

I can work with inspirations and design something new that revolves around the similar aesthetic that you like, so please do not ask me to copy someone else's work under any circumstances!

The only scenario I would consider is if you are missing a earring on one side,
or if it is a significant memorable piece that was lost and requires remaking!
However, under those circumstances: I will consider those projects
as repair/maintenance and will state that I do not own those designs!


Ready to get started?

After filling up the general inquiry form,

I will follow up with you personally to find out further details based on the questions I have listed above! It might seem a bit overwhelming, but I promise it will be worth it!

Not sure about what is possible?

Here are some examples of my past custom project
to get you started in thinking about what you are looking for! 




  Solid Gold  

  Sterling Silver 

What happens after the Inquiry Process?

After finding out what you are looking for in the Inquiry Process,
we proceed to the next step which is the Design Process!


Step 3

Design Process

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