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Create a One of a Kind piece


custom made for

your One of a Kind moment.

Custom Bespoke Design

One of the core values of Kotoba Jewellery is to create jewellery that serves a purpose, and the purpose is to serve the wearer, You.


Kotoba Jewellery is Nothing without

You, the wearer.

It is my purpose to create jewellery that tells your personal story,

to remember, to cherish, to comfort, to celebrate, to empower,

Every little but Precious moments of your journey.


About Custom Design

Kotoba Jewellery Custom Design is a one on one project where I work closely with you to create a One of a Kind piece for the One of a Kind You.



Fully Bespoke Pieces - Not Customized but Fully Custom Tailor Made Pieces


One of a Kind - Only One Piece will be made in this world,  


just as there is Only One of You.


How it works?

There are 4 main steps in the process of creating a custom jewellery piece.

Tell your story

Step 1


Interested in Custom Design?

In this step, we begin the process

by figuring out what you are looking for.

After receiving your inquiry, I will follow up with you

with some more general questions about : Material + Style

For full breakdown behind the inquiry process

Custom Inquiry

Please note that this is a general inquiry form,

I will be following up with you through email

with further questions about the custom project.

Thanks for submitting! I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Custm Inquiry form

Step 3


After learning about what you are looking for + your story,

in this step, we proceed to the design process!

The design process for ceremonial pieces comes into 3 parts:

1. First Design Draft

(3-5 rough designs sketches)

2. Finalized Design Draft

(1 refined drawing of chosen design)

3. Digital 3D Rendering

(1 Digital 3D CAD Rendering of final design)

Note: Other Custom Pieces part 2 + 3 are optional.

Before Design Process begins, there is a flat design fee that needs to be paid out,

this is to ensure that my time was not wasted even if the project did not proceed !

For full breakdown behind the design process


Here are some examples of our past custom pieces.




Follow us to see our latest custom pieces.



Thank you for choosing Kotoba Jewellery.
Thank you for supporting and becoming a part of my dream making journey.

Lastly, thank you for letting my jewellery become a part of your life journey,

to create new and beautiful memories with you.

Hoi Yi 

Founder, Maker

Get  in Touch

Have a question or concern before inquiring,
please feel free to contact me, I am here to help!

Success! Message received.

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