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Journey Collection

Chapter 2


Chapter. 2


You are the Gem.

Your skin, Your colours,


The lines on your hands, they all uniquely belong to you.

Stop looking elsewhere, the value is already in you.

You are the Gem.

For a while, I struggled with looking at myself.


Despite all the things I have done or have made,


I never think I was enough.


I would compare my achievements with others that are far into their path, and would wonder when I will get there. I was striving for what seems to be "successful" in the public eye, without really thinking about what is actually important to me. 


Did I really want to become like this person I look up to?


Or did I just want to fit into this idea of "success"?


Who am I?

What do I care about?

What are my values?

What is my purpose?

I did not know my answers, but I started searching.


I looked and looked everywhere.

I listened to so many podcasts, I read so many writings,

but the answers were within me all along.

All I needed to do was to look at myself and find them within me.


The ring is meant to look like it is suppose

to have a gemstone set in the middle.


Guess what, You are the Gem.

Stop looking elsewhere but start finding the value within you.

When you open you hands again,

look at the mirror on the back side of the ring,

look at yourself and tell yourself:


You are the Gem,

You are valuable,

Find your own path,

You are on your own journey. 


Chapter. 3


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