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Friends Necklace

Friends Necklace


925 Sterling Silver

Handcarved shape


Made to Order


Written by Caitlin

July 29, 2020


I am in love but even I feel as though the majority of the world does not give platonic relationships the credit that they deserve. After all, I have been blessed to have a fairly large yet still close circle around me so my perspective could be biased. Throughout the years they have selflessly shared with me their time, their advice, kind gestures, and surprisingly large amounts of overall love and care. I have friends who would fight for me, create things for me, get on an airplane to visit me or to travel with me, stay up all night with me, leave their comfort zones for me, and much more. All the love that I receive is the love I want to put back out and share. 


My friends make me feel as though they balance out all the mishaps I have encountered in life; a person can't have it all yet here I am with a tightly woven network of genuine souls who are by my side. I feel strongly about friendship as a concept, but I owe it largely to the friends that I have because if it were not for them I'm sure I would feel differently. Who else would call out from mountains with me, run through the rain with me, chase after dreams with me, sing along loudly with me, or laugh with me until we can't remember why? 


If everyone in the world had at least one friend with whom they had a mutual sense of treasuring one another - in the way that I am so familiar with, I would like to believe that the world would be kinder, warmer, safer, more giving, and more generous. We could all use a little more love, but it doesn't have to be just the romantic kind. 

Friends Necklace

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