Journey Collection

Chapter 10


Chapter. 10



Isn't it weird that I am ending


this journey collection with tears?

In fact, this piece was not


even planned from the beginning.

But it is not an accident,


but something that was meant to be made,

an emotion I forgot to capture.


When I finished "all" the pieces, I started crying.

I started crying because I felt as though I have put my full heart into this collection,

I started crying because I started to worry about how people will respond to this collection,

I started crying because I felt like this collection is made to respond to my younger self,

to tell my younger self that I am worthy, I am enough, and I am loved.


With that emotional experience,

I decided to carve this one last piece.

Because it is not a journey without tears.

This is a ring to remind us all of the vulnerable

moments we had throughout this journey,

to acknowledge and appreciate them


as part of our growth process.


I hope this ring can become a piece for you to embrace and honour your tears.


Wear your tears bravely, proudly, without shame and without fear.