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Journey Collection

Chapter 1

Hills and Valleys

Chapter. 1

Hills and Valleys

Life is filled with hills and valleys

but that's what makes it exciting and challenging.


Wherever you are in your life right now, experience it and find value in it.

This is the ring that started this Journey Collection.

I remember I carved this piece last May,

where I was in a state where I felt

as though I have given up on my dream.

I was lost,

I was confused,

I was wandering around,

I did not know where I was going, I did not have a direction.

Little did I know, my dream journey starts few months later.


I was lost but I found value in the time of confusion.

Because I had that time to wander,

I was able to learn and prepare for this journey.

Without the experience of being lost,

I would not have been able to find what is important to me.


If you are lost without a map,

if you are confused without a plan,

if you are wandering around without a destination,


that's okay.


Look around,

look at the space you are in,

find beauty and treasures within it 

All of it,

is to prepare for your journey ahead.


Chapter. 2


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