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Journey Collection

Chapter 5

Twists to Shapes

Chapter. 5

Twists to Shapes

If you were a shape right now, what shape would you be?

I remember asking myself this question way back when I was young.

I became so attached to this one shape that represents who I am,

I was so stubborn to the idea of change, I was not allowing myself to change.

Being stuck in the shape that I find myself most comfortable being,

I stopped reflecting, and I stopped growing.

Every twists in life I encounter became reasons for me to hide or run away.


I was scared of change, I was scared to find out more of who I am,

I was scared of the new shapes I am forming into.

Worried that the new shape of me would not be accepted,


worried that this new shape of me is not good enough,


worried that this new shape of me is a worse version of myself.


Yet I forgot, each new shape represents a new phase we go through, and each twist and turn shapes us into who we are today.

So face the stage or shape you are in right now,

accept it and know that you will continue to evolve.

Every piece in this chapter is one of a kind,

as each shape is made one by one by hand,


not one piece will look the same.

I want each piece in this chapter to belong solely to you,

because you are one of a kind, your shape is one of a kind.

If you have a shape in mind of what you are right now,


let me know, I would love to put you into the piece.

So, what shape are you today?

I hope you can learn to love the shape you are right now.

I hope you can make something beautiful


out of all the shapes you have created.


They are all part of you.

And I can't wait to see the next new shape of you.


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