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Journey Collection

Chapter 6


Chapter. 6



Hey, thank you for still reading about my journey,

we are half way through this collection,


just as you might be in the midst of your journey.


Being in this transition between the very beginning to a half way point,


you might start to have thoughts on wanting to keep things


just the way they are or wanting to try something new.


Just as I am right now, typing this,

thinking whether or not I want to change

the layout of this chapter.

I think I will do both. Keep some and change some.


During the time when I was half way in making this collection,

I had moments where I want to put this aside,

moments where I want to give up on this collection,

moments where I question the purpose of this collection.


However, at the same time,

I had moments where I want to push through,

moments where I want to put my very best into it,

moments where I imagine how grateful I would be after I finish this collection.


Being in a liminal space of wanting


to keep going and giving up is part of the journey.


In fact it will happens very often in this journey.

But know that we all go through it,

all the people that chased their dreams went through it,

all the people that learned to love themselves went through it,


all the people that lived their life went through it.

I walked through it,

which is also why I am able to present you this new collection.


Yet I can assure you that I will encounter more


and more liminal space in the future as well.


But, since you are here reading about this,

let's make a promise with one another,

that we will continue to work hard for


our dreams,

our passion,

and for ourselves.

Keep going,


and remember this transition period,


you can keep going and you will keep going.


Chapter. 7

Rough to Polish

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