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Journey Collection

Chapter 7

Rough to Polish

Chapter. 7

Rough to Polish


In this chapter,

let's take a moment to reflect on all that


we have been through in this journey.

Take a look at yourself,


and acknowledge the growth within you.


Thinking back,

with practice, trial and errors, and time,


I have grown as a maker and as a person.


I would not have become who I am today


without these challenges I have experience.

I would not have been able to create works

like this without this journey.


Rough to Polish


These pieces are a physically representation of the growth of my journey.


The rough parts are polished in my old ways,


and the bottom high polished parts shows my growth. 


The juxtaposition and merge between the two textures


are meant to represent and emphasize

the beauty of progress and transformation.


You have worked hard,

You have strived through,

You have become a better version of yourself.

You have made progress, small or big,

take this moment to reflect on


who you were and who you are today.

I am sure you have grown,

and I know you will keep blooming.


Chapter. 8

Dream like Clouds

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