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Step 3


Here's the full breakdown of the Design Process

The Design Process

After learning about what you are looking for + your story,

in this step, we proceed to the design process!

The design process for Ceremonial Pieces comes into 3 parts:

1. First Design Draft

(3-5 rough designs sketches)

In this draft, you will be picking 1 design you like to move on to the next step.

If you want to pick more than 1 design to move on with, additional charges may apply.

2. Finalized Design Draft

(1 refined drawing of chosen design)

With your feedback taken from the previous draft, refined drawing includes:

small changes from feedback/ finer details and/or include different views

In this draft, you will be picking 1 design you like to move on to the next step.

3. Digital 3D Rendering

(1 Digital 3D CAD Rendering of final design)

In this final step, 3D rendering process will allow you to visualize the piece

from 2D drawing to a 3Dimensional form. Depending on the project, this process might begin after Center Diamond has been sourced and paid for, as well as the ring size of the piece, to ensure that the rendering is as accurate as possible visually.

Note: Other Custom Pieces part 2 + 3 are optional.


Important Note:

Please note that you Do Not own any of my designs other than the one you have chosen, therefore please refrain from sharing any design drafts online.


Before I begin the Design Process,

There is a flat design fee that needs to be paid out,
this is to ensure that my time was not wasted even if the project did not proceed !

This fee includes  First Design Draft (1.) - (3-5 rough designs sketches)

- For Ceremonial Pieces -
Engagement Ring, Wedding Bands, Anniversary Bands

+$100 Design Fee


- For Other Pieces -

Solid Gold
+$100 Design Fee

Sterling Silver, Others
+$50 Design Fee 

(For a single custom piece only, if there are additional pieces
like couple bands/ sets /etc, extra fees may apply)

If we do proceed with the project with one of my design,
then the rest of the design fee will be implied
+$50, which includes

Finalized Design Draft (2.) + Digital 3D Rendering (3.)

Note that all design fee is excluded from the final quote of the custom project and non-refundable. 

After the Design Process, we proceed to,


Step 4


All custom pieces are one of a kind, handmade individually

with care, which require longer time for completion.  

After choosing the final design,

50% Deposit is required before the making process begins.


The Making Process Timeline for:

- Ceremonial - Engagement Ring -

(8+ weeks for making process, ideal inquiry time : 4 - 5 months ahead)

- Ceremonial - Wedding Bands -

(6+ weeks for making process, ideal inquiry time : 3 - 4 months ahead)

- Custom - Solid Gold Jewellery -

(4+ weeks for making process, ideal inquiry time : 2 - 3 months ahead)

- Custom - Sterling Silver Jewellery -

(3+ weeks for making process, ideal inquiry time : 1 - 2 months ahead)

*Please note that these are just a general timeline for reference only

as each project is different, timeline will vary depending on the project.

The earlier you inquire, the better it will always be!


Ready to get started?

After filling up the general inquiry form,

I will follow up with you personally to find out further details based on the questions I have listed above! It might seem a bit overwhelming, but I promise it will be worth it!

For more behind the scenes of the making process,

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