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a brand new chapter of Kotoba Jewellery

Kotoba Jewellery

言葉   ( ことば )   Kotoba

A Japanese word for language and words.


Like words of a written language, my jewellery is my language;

it is like the words of stories I want to share.


Like a book, each piece of jewellery is a page or a chapter;

Kotoba Jewellery is like a book that I share to resonate with others in different ways.

Kotoba Jewellery is nothing without

You, the wearer.


Jewellery that tells your personal story,

to remember,

to cherish,

to comfort,

to celebrate,

to empower,

every little but precious moments of your journey.


Thank you


Thank you for choosing Kotoba Jewellery.
Thank you for supporting and becoming
a part of my dream making journey.

Lastly, thank you for letting my jewellery

become a part of your life journey,

to create new and beautiful memories with you.

Hoi Yi 

Founder, Maker




Kotoba Jewellery is a one woman owned small business based in Toronto, Canada.
Each Kotoba Jewellery piece is handmade and designed by Hoi Yi Lai.

Through crafting each piece by hand, every piece is unique. The soul and essences of the maker is something that cannot be replicated in mass-produced items. 



It is my purpose to create jewellery that tells a story:
to comfort, connect and empower one another. 










Hoi Yi 

Founder, Maker

Each piece is handmade, one by one, with love and care.

Capturing the time and marks of the maker, treasured within each piece.

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