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Welcome to                my Journey.

Chapter. 0

Welcome to my Journey.

This is a collection made

for you,

for myself,

for all the dreamers out there.

Each piece is made to reflect on a specific feeling, a small emotion,


a simple realization I have experienced in this journey of my dream-making process.

Nothing is perfect, nothing is full, nothing is complete,

because I am still in the middle of this journey.

However, in this collection,

everything is precious, everything is raw, everything reflects who I am

as a maker, artist, designer, as a human being.

I hope that this collection can resonate with all of you

that are stepping into a new journey,

whether you are chasing your dreams,

or took a step to rediscover, accept, and love, 

or to pursue a better version of yourself.

This is a collection made to comfort, connect, and empower you.

My name is Hoi Yi Suki Lai, thank you for starting this journey with me.


Chapter. 1

Hills and Valleys

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