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Our Little Diary



"Our Little Diary"


An ongoing collection in collaboration With Caitlin.


人 生 最 微 小 的 事 情 都 不 是 渺 小 的
The smallest things in life is never insignificant.

We want to capture the small bits of life, the little beauty and little moments.



In a diary format,
Caitlin, my best friend, will be writing.

and I will be hand carving shapes based on parts I resonate with.



EOSR0097 (1).jpg



Written on July 28, 2020

I have been constantly underestimating and forgetting

about the power of a smile. How much a split second of genuine warmth can change an atmosphere, a situation, a mindset.

How much an upward curve of a person’s mouth

can convey so much, rendering words unnecessary. 


How comforting that is.


Read full diary entry below.




Read full diary entry below.

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